We provide solutions to give you options to monetise your intellectual property, whilst maintaining ownership and creative control.

We strongly believe that income streams from intellectual property are increasing considerably, driven by changes in technology, legislation and consumer behaviour, and that the creators and rights holders should retain this value.

We are a Capital+ platform

Capital + Connectivity to enhance value

With a varied platform of capital including pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers, and Family offices, Empowerment is not constrained by the restrictions of a single capital provider, thereby allowing solutions to be structured more creatively for the Rights Holder.

tennis player serving

Capital and Solutions structured differently

We work across a broad spectrum of Intellectual Property revenue streams and structures.


  • Global Sports Stars and Clubs
  • eSports Stars and Clubs
  • Sports Franchises


  • Music artists
  • Songwriters
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Live & Touring events


  • TV and Film Actors
  • Producers & Directors
  • Theatre Productions
  • Children’s entertainment
  • Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Brands
  • Celebrity Chefs and Personalities