Empowerment was created as an IP rights-led platform, providing capital solutions for clients in sectors which have traditionally been underserved

Empowerment exists to help clients and corporates navigate the ever-changing financing environment to access optimal capital solutions. 

Flexible & Creative

We really listen to our clients: We produce bespoke and highly structured solutions tailored to client needs.


Efficient & Disciplined

We are efficient, but thorough: We have a nimble and agile team with diligent and efficient processes.


Authentic & Impactful

We operate in the SM&E sectors, not on the periphery: We are sector-specialists with deep experience and connectivity in the space.


  • Broadcast Rights monetisation
  • All Asset structured facility
  • Player transfer factoring


  • Music Rights monetisation
  • Live Events financing
  • Full or Partial Catalogue sale


  • Merchandise financing
  • Live theatre advances
  • Receivables financing